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Wedding Cakes

We make a high quality rich fruit cake, which is used in most of our wedding cakes but also available, are a delicious vanilla sponge or a chocolate flavoured sponge wedding cakes or if required a combination of all three. In our showroom in the Uplands, there are always about fifteen wedding cake on display, different shapes, colour and designs also a wedding cake album with many photographs you can browse through. Sometimes people have their own design they would like to have, we invite them to come along to the showroom where we can discuss their requirements. Our chocolate wedding cake is a chocolate flavoured sponge layered with ganache and covered with high quality chocolate, with white chocolate if required, and finished with modelled roses made from white or normal chocolate. Flower decoration on our wedding cakes are hand made of icing sugar and coloured as required. When we are asked to use colour we would need a sample of the colour so we can make as close a match as possible ie. a piece of material. A standard size wedding cake is a three tiered cake but we do single, two tiered or four tiered cakes quite often. 

At the time of ordering, your choice of wedding cake stand or separators (Pillars etc..) can be made. A deposit is required on the stand etc., refunded when the stand etc. is returned in good condition within three days after the day of the wedding.

Selection of our Wedding Cakes
(Click on a photo to see a larger image)
Wedding cake - WW1
Wedding cake - WW2 Wedding cake - WW3 Wedding cake - WW4
Ref: WW1 Ref: WW2 Ref: WW3 Ref: WW4
Wedding cake - WW5
Wedding cake - WW6 Wedding cake - WW7 Wedding cake - WW8
Ref: WW5 Ref: WW6 Ref: WW7 Ref: WW8
Wedding cake - WW9
Wedding cake - WW10 Wedding cake - WW11 Wedding cake - WW12
Ref: WW9 Ref: WW10 Ref: WW11 Ref: WW12
Wedding cake - WW13
Wedding cake - WW14 Wedding cake - WW15 Wedding cake - WW16
Ref: WW13 Ref: WW14 Ref: WW15 Ref: WW16
Wedding cake - WW17
Wedding cake - WW18 Wedding cake - WW19 Wedding cake - WW20
Ref: WW17 Ref: WW18 Ref: WW19 Ref: WW20
Wedding cake - WW21
Wedding cake - WW22 Wedding cake - WW23 Wedding cake - WW23
Ref: WW21 Ref: WW22 Ref: WW23 Ref: WW24
Wedding cake - WW25
wedding cakes Wedding cake - WW27
Easter Cakes
Ref: WW25 Ref: WW26 Ref: WW27 Ref: WW28
Wedding cakes Wedding cakes Weddingcakes Wedding cakes
Ref: WW29 Ref: WW30 Ref: WW31 Ref: WW32
Wedding cakes Wedding cakes Wedding cakes Wedding cakes
Ref: WW33 Ref: WW34 Ref: WW35 Ref: WW36
Wedding cakes Wedding cakes Wedding cakes Wedding cakes
Ref: WW37 Ref: WW38 Ref: WW39 Ref: WW40

These are just a few of the many cakes we have in our album. Please feel free to come in to our shop and browse through our album of cakes

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