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We are able to scan a picture of your choice on to the cake of your choice but it is very important that the photo you give us to scan is as good quality as possible, scanning can not improve on the photo supplied so try to select one that has no creases or folds on it. Provided you are happy with your selected picture we will scan it on to the cake

You can see pictures of some of  our products but you need to talk to our helpful staff, tell them what you want , and they will give you  the basic details and then I suggest, you come along and see for yourselves, the extensive choice of products on offer. Many times customers come to us with a set design in their mind and then they see something on display and change their minds, so it is worth while coming to the Showroom to have a look before you do make your final choice.. 

Selection of our Scanned Photos on Cakes
(Click on a photo to see a larger image)
Scanned photo cake - WSC1
Scanned photo cake - WSC2 Scanned photo cake - WSC3
Ref: WSC1 Ref: WSC2 Ref: WSC3
These are just a few of the many cakes we have in our album. Please feel free to come in to our shop and browse through our album of cakes
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