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Seasonal Cakes

At Christmas time we make a good selection of fruit Christmas cakes and sponge Christmas cakes. Snow-scenes are very popular for children, they also like the variety of scanned pictures

we can put on the cakes, or the upright father Christmas and snowman. Older people still like the cakes with floral decoration, we make some thing to suit every body.

Our marzipan novelties sell very well, they are ideal for Christmas gifts. We make marzipan fruits, sold singly or boxed in very colourful arrangements, the mini marzipan Christmas  puddings are sold singly or boxed then we have delicious marzipan logs and crackers. Always popular are the sponge Yule logs, covered in chocolate flavoured cream, made in two sizes .It is worth a visit to the showroom at Christmas time just to see the colourful  display.

Selection of our Seasonal Cakes
(Click on a photo to see a larger image)
Xmas cake - WX1
Xmas cake - WX2 Xmas cake - WX3 Xmas cake - WX4
Ref: WX1 Ref: WX2 Ref: WX3 Ref: WX4
Xmas cake - WX5
Xmas cake - WX6 Xmas cake - WX7 Xmas cake - WX8
Ref: WX5 Ref: WX6 Ref: WX7 Ref: WX8
Xmas cake - WX9
Xmas cake - WX10 Xmas cake - WX11 Xmas cake - WX12
Ref: WX9 Ref: WX10 Ref: WX11 Ref: WX12
Xmas cake - WX13
Xmas cake - WX14 Xmas cake - WX15  
Ref: WX13 Ref: WX14 Ref: WX15  
Easter Cakes
Easter Cakes Easter Cakes Easter Cakes Easter Cakes
Ref: WEA1 Ref: WEA2 Ref: WEA3 Ref: WEA4

These are just a few of the many cakes we have in our album. Please feel free to come in to our shop and browse through our album of cakes

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